Digital Marketing by Mervyn Kasiita

Mervyn Kasiita presents this free online e-book about Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing. Mervyn Kasiita believes the internet is the new industrial revolution.

Four decades ago had a person’s career path determined by birth and the right education, often committing to one employer until retirement. Today, that is not a viable option. Success is no longer solely determined by the right education, the perfect resume, or even your age and background. Teens as young as 12 are now coding websites, building apps, starting up LLCs, producing films and building networks through social media. By the time they’re adults, this online generation will already have some skills and real-world experience that a formal education just can’t provide.

Access to information combined with global supply and demand is reshaping established conventions and destroying old world definitions.    Africa can be transformed into a global power house with digitization. Internet being the fourth industrial revolution can provide opportunities for Africa to overcome its obstacles and spur inclusive growth. The internet is ushering in solutions to problems like poverty, poor quality education and low service delivery.

Ground breaking technology like Artificial Intelligence with enabling and empowering policies in place can improve business, health care and livelihoods for all.  With Improvements in Africa’s ICT Sector, Africa has a chance at this Industrial Revolution after being left behind in the previous revolutions and not claiming the 21st Century yet.

Failure to recognize and capitalize on the Internet Revolution opportunities, conversely, will impose considerable risks on African stakeholders: Without attempts to move beyond existing models of innovation, entrepreneurship, and digital growth on the continent, African businesses risk falling further behind, exacerbating the global “digital divide” and lowering their global competitiveness.

Once our reach was limited by physical boundaries, today almost everyone and everything is just a digital click away. You can outsource your services to all parts of the world at the comfort of your home.

Success was once defined by a suit and the ‘9 to 5’; now it can achieved by working in pajamas in your bed and starting at noon after a morning at the gym and leisurely latte.

Being in a century where everyone is not only a global citizen, but a valuable “Brand in Waiting,” we begin to understand that the Internet Revolution is in fact the Industrial Revolution of our time. It’s a sweeping social disruption that brings with it not only new inventions and scientific advances, but perhaps most importantly revolutionizes both the methods of work and we the workers ourselves.

Stories of Multi-Billion Dollar Internet Start-Ups are evidence to our modern day industrial revolution. Join in on the revolution. The internet is the future. Consult Us for guidance.

Mervyn Kasiita

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Prestigia Brands LLC