The Internet in my Childhood Dreams

Since I was a child growing up has always been a process of learning and acquisition of Knowledge. I am glad I grew up around people to look up to and from whom I gain knowledge. I have always known what I want and most of my interests developed as a child and haven’t ceased but rather grown with me. I fell in love with a computer in 2006 when my father took me for my first computer lessons. In 2008 dad brought home our first desktop computer and that was the beginning of everything. The curious 10 year old in me turned the computer inside and out. I barely did anything else besides the computer and in turn for all the computer lessons I had in my life, I was always ahead of the class. I forewent sports time and most of my reading hours for computer.

          Several times I got warning from my parents and teachers for neglecting my class work for computers. Do I regret it? No, instead I am glad I did. Surging numbers of unemployed youth and alarming jobless graduates have made one’s future career and job security uncertain. Sadly, for every year that goes by, the numbers increase as several higher institutions hold graduation ceremonies.  We need to get together to solve massive unemployment among the youth through entrepreneurship and job creation. With my initiative, The Kasiita Foundation we have a common goal of Bettering Lives Of The Youth And Other Vulnerable Groups In Our Community Through SDGs of The United Nations.

 I am a proud founder of a Limited Liability Company, Prestigia Brands LLC venturing into Digital & Internet Marketing, Web & App Development, Internet Software, Digital Content and E-Commerce. Prestigia Brands LLC is the bridge between Small Business Startups and their target customers. Prestigia Brands LLC is the solution to all problems that Small Businesses face. Prestigia Brands LLC is envisioned to be The Leading Internet & E-Commerce Company.

Since 2019, Prestigia Brands LLC and its wide range of digital assets record daily growth and hopefully will employ multitudes in the near future. I am thus highly proud of what I do with a computer and always strike to learn and do more. I am skilled with expertise in highly on demand skills such as App & Website Development, Internet Marketing, E-Commerce, App Development, Website and Graphics Design among others with certifications from Google, Our Company Prestigia Brands LLC is listed on Google and our services, products and consultations can be accessed through Google Searching; “Prestigia Brands LLC” where our websites, social media, contacts, location and portfolio will be listed.

I first wrote for a magazine when I was 9 years old. With my mum’s support I became a regular writer in the “Jesus is Our Friend” Magazine published by The Uganda Catholic Secretariat to Primary Schools in Kampala Archdiocese. While starting High school, I was on the School Magazine Editorial Team as early as S.2. I believe this is the right childhood exposure I needed as a child to become the Writer and Computer Entrepreneur I am today. Since then I have never looked back, I have always ceased opportunities to write in plenty of magazines like Echo, Epitome and Prestigia Magazine (Business, Fashion, Celebrity, Beauty & Culture Magazine) that I founded.

 I wrote my first website when I was 14 years in 2012 during my S.2 and by then I had already formed my own websites and graphics design company “Kasiitec Graphics” the dream that transformed into Prestigia Brands LLC. Looking back at all that proves I have always known what I wanted to be; a Boss, Writer, Software Engineer, etc… I always get new fascinations and interests to pursue. Lately, I am reading about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I believe Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology. Experts of Artificial Intelligence will have excessive power in the world, says Vladimir Putin. The Russian President further says the ruler in this field will rule the world. Read more about Artificial Intelligence and my thoughts on my website, my blog and all my social media platforms.  

Looking back on your childhood dreams and interests offers you insights into what you have always wanted before society corrupted you. The journey to self-discovery is a hard one and always be glad if along the way you are inspired.  I am proudly inspired by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson who are among the greatest entrepreneurs of the 21st Century. Great men who have built Billion Dollar empires from scratch!

Finally, learn to believe in yourself, learn to always seek knowledge and leave all to God. As you Pray, be Smart, Hardworking and Consistent in your work. Again, Consistence is key!


Mervyn Kasiita


Prestigia Brands LLC

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